COD Services.

COD Services

Budget provides Cash on Delivery service that means we collect the freight of the goods at the time of delivery of consignment by Cash/ Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Pay Order from consignee.

COD charges- We will charge INR 100/- or 2% of the collection amount whichever is higher for all COD shipments.

Collection advice- We require duplicate copies of legible printed advice with serial no. to be mapped as our shipper reference. The advice should have the details of consignee with name & mobile no. and amount to be collected. One will be customer copy and the other will be Budget copy.

Payment – We will remit the payment to you on monthly basis as per the statement submitted by you post reconciliation and deduction of freight & all charges. In case of reattempt of delivery due to consignee refusal or non availability the same will be considered as another delivery and would be chargeable.

We require indemnity against any damage during transit. The required packing needs to be done at your end. No claims will be accepted from the shipper or consignee post delivery.

For further information on our “COD Service” deliveries please contact customer support.

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